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Shit Eating and Pee Drinkers welcomes you to its large shitting and piss guzzling archive! In here you shall find 18 downloadable shit eating movies and 150+ urine drinking pictures. A word about the videos first: this gallery contains fresh German scat movies, and I can tell you in advance that these are the shittiest clips you have seen on the Internet so far. Screen captures above show you that the women are doing the shitting, and men the eating bit in all of the films here: you will see many round female asses being spread wide open, and delivering large, hot and aromatic brown sausages to their eagerly awaitng male partners. And the shit eaters here are very passionate about their scat fetish. You will see them helping the women lay their fine brown eggs; of course, they are more than happy to receive the freash and still steaming turds with their mouths. Some of the men eat shit pie with extreme gusto. Even an occasional diarrhea won't put our heroes off - look at the middle picture in the bottom row here! And after shit tasting and devouring is over, then come the scat smearing, piss guzzling and ass licking! Enough said about the movies - on to the picture part of the tour at the next page...

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Shit Eating and Pee Drinkers contains video clips and images of femdom scat, toilet slave shit eating and pee drinking!