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Human Toilet bids you welcome to its large femdom pissing video and picture gallery! The first part of this site contains downloadable toilet slave femdom movies, shot in various German dungeons. As you can see by the screenshots above, all the video clips here are rather bizarre: they range from all-over-body pissing, to urine potions being administered medicinally, and very direct "Gulp this down and don't waste a single drop, you pathetic bastard!" punishment-type forced pee drinking! What I find particulary exciting about the movies here is their dark and passionate atmosphere. Femdom amazons here are extremely strict, commanding and obviously enjoy supplying fresh piss to their poor human toilets. On the other hand, toilet slaves seem to derive exquisite pleasure out of being totally humiliated and savor every drop of their mistresses' salty nectar as if it was their last! In one word, what you shall see here is lots of toilet slavery action, rubber nurses and dominatrixes, and gallons of pee being sprayed and greedily consumed, with occasional encouragements of ass-biting femdom whip or crop! OK, let's proceed to the next page for picture samples now...

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Human Toilet presents pissing femdom video clips and pictures of pee drinking domination and toilet slave fetish!